Customer : Well-Fixed Asset Physical Count Software
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Well-Fixed Asset Physical Count Software

Get Wealth on it

Barcode Assets Checking the count property by Barcode System powerful processor is definitely fast, precise,

Project Analysis

The process is fast, more effective and mor accurate, The results are reauired for monitor to last missing that to know systematic.


WELL-Fixed Aset can manager assets in all types of businesses, such as factories businesses, Hotel businesses, securities businesses, services businesses etc.

Project Solution

  •   No Limit location
  •   Able export data to an Excel File.
  •   Reporting physical assets showing the latest number to determine the amount.
  •   Can result from the PDA to reconcile in a database Location Assets to make adjustments on automatically.
  •   The system displays the Report physical results of the scan barcode to compare the evidence of suggests the movement of assets.
  •   Allow planning, procurement management supply repair and maintenance
  •   Continue to management of assets by using the Barcode system.
  •   Installation Service Sticker & photography full integrated. Available team of provessional and expert service.