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Well-Fixed Asset Software

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Well - Fixed Asset Program for Windows is an application used for managing Fixed-Assets. It is efficient and highly flexible in its ability to operate and manage Fixed-Assets.

Project Analysis

WELL-Fixed Asset Management is a program used to manage fixed-assets, The program covers all parts of the administration. This helps the Asset Controller to be more contented. The system is user friendly and flexible.


WELL-Fixed Asset can manage assets in all types of businesses, such as factories businesses, Hotel businesses, securities businesses, services businesses etc.

Project Solution

  •   WELL-FIXED ASSET is the system has the capability to collect all asset data. The system features with easy to use screen. All asset data can be retrieved for use and easily revised using special procedure which is Asset View and Group View.
  •   The system is designed for simple data entry data administration and revision for the staff's operating time-saving and ability to work more.
  •   The system estimates depreciation in day starting the estimation from the beginning data of use or after beginning data of use.
  •   The available report can be enclosed with Balance Sheet for accountability by auditor
  •   In the procedure that the asset is obsolete for use by sale, the system can estimate profit and loss from sale of that asset.
  •   The system consists of useful report, for instance, Depreciation Report (Accumulated Depreciation Report) that can be printed according to Division, Location or Class, and End of Useful Life Asset Report.
  •   The system allows the estimation of depreciation in more than 1 type for each asset.
  •   Every report can be issued for revision on Excel.
  •   Interface from Barcode to Well-Fixed Asset Checking Only
  •   Database can be installed on Host of SQL Server.
  •   It can be installed on Host of Window Standard Server.
  •   It can be installed on Client at Bangkok and Upcountry Offices.
  •   Input of asset data of the customer company can process unlimited entries.
  •   Data can be imported from Excel File.
  •   Right of use can be defined according to the group of users.
  •   Straight Line Depreciation can be determined.
  •   The length of asset code can be determined for not less than 25 digits without limitation of number of records.
  •   Asset code can be defined based on area, work unit and type of assets.
  •   Asset can be tranfered to other areas.
  •   Code, Serial No., Model can be difined.
  •   Asset owner can be defined with specific name and responsible work unit for supervision.
  •   Asset status can be difined.
  •   Asset photograph can be recorded and the asset source can be specified.
  •   Detail of asset warranty and the seller's information can be recorded.
  •   Repair and improvement data can be recorded.
  •   Entry of Purchase-Sale, Transfer, Amortization, Donation and Demolish Asset can be recorded (Write-Off).
  •   Asset depreciation can be calculated based on day-month-year
  •   Accounting period can be set.
  •   Accumulated Depreciation and Book Value of asset can be declared.
  •   Report can be printed in two forms including via monitor and via printer.
  •   Executive Summary Report can be exported.
  •   Physical Counting Number of Assets Summary in each time can be prepared.
  •   Monthly report can be classified according to individual type of assets and supervisory work unit.
  •   Asset depreciation can be calculated based on useful life (in accounting-tax).
  •   Depreciation can be calculated based on different duration in the same category of asset.
  •   Register no. of asset can combine together with Print Tag Card (Asset Register).
  •   Asset report group received support BOI (Board of invesment).