Physical Counting Problem

Physical Counting Problem

Counting Problem

Problem in Counting and Controlling on Loss of Fixed Asset

     What is often found by staff or officer in overseeing assets is problem in asset counting from long experiences.

     In management of fixed assets, counting of assets is a main problem that is difficult for use of data in Excel Sheet going to count on actual existing assets.

     The first problem is the name of fixed asset recorded in Excel is inconsistent with what is called inside the company. Thus, the problem occurs when the list in excel is taking for counting and inquiring with the overseer of fixed asset, then it cannot know on which type of asset is since the name in excel is inconsistent with the name used for internal call, resulting in frequent confusion. Sometimes, it must be debited into disposal (even though that asset is existent) and must be wasteful in newly purchase or sometimes, that asset must be newly named (resulting in waste of time).

     The second problem is due to no submission of the report of Fixed Assets available in the system or in the company to the original affiliation (Treasury Management) for check every month. Therefore, when counting at the end of the year, it will be difficult for checking in detail and it may lack of accuracy.

      The control and management of that asset are not just control in purchasing procedure, but the process in asset count is a process showing the efficiency of Accounting Department, Admin Department and all staffs. Assets Checking Report will indicate assets management in the company for presentation to the Management. It is certain that it is not just expression of duty responsibility but it also indicates professionalism in management with effective tool as an aid.